The Blog And The New Visual Web | Is Your Blog Standing Out?

The blog and the new visual web, what I mean is this, is your blog visually enticing as say, Pinterest? Facebook? Google Plus? and, if not, should it be? Let’s take a look-see.

What I am saying is this, instead of comparing our blogs to that of those platforms with techies on staff who are heads and shoulders above us, let’s think about it this way;

Do you personally like the way your images stand out? And, do you like the types of images you use or, do you think they are a little, well, typical?”

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Free Blog Training Course Online | It Actually Exists!

When I first started here, I looked and looked for a free blog training course that would actually give me enough information to actually apply in some positive fashion, and with a positive outcome.

I could not find one, so I bought some. Now, I have created one, and it is FREE.

Not kidding, no joke, and no, no GURU affiliate strings attached at all. This is free, ongoing and always updated. Let’s look at how it works… [Read more...]

Does An Internet Marketing Blog Really Drive Quality Traffic?

Without an internet marketing blog, your internet marketing efforts are mostly, honestly, void of any real traffic driving and converting force.

I once heard Ryan Deiss say bloggers, on average, make no more than $100 dollars a month. Well, to tell you the truth, like what he teaches, there is a lot missing to the facts stated.

Here we will go over why and, a little how, of how a blog truly brings forth the most quality traffic online and, an income… [Read more...]