Creating A Local Blog For Local Business Website | Does It Really help?

Creating a local blog for your local business is not all that complicated, but, the real question is, will it help you? or, will it just be a waste of time and, possibly money?

If you have been paying any attention at all to your search engine rankings or, doing your research before you start a website, you should understand how important a blog can be.

Here we will go over not only the set up of a simple blog, but we will also start with the “why” it is so important to have one in the first place.

Content, It Is How You Will Win…

No matter if it is Drupal, Joomla, Blogger or WordPress, having the functionality available to create blog posts or articles is a must today.

WordPress is of course the best choice with the smallest learning curve for any beginner to online marketing, just so you know.

Either way, having a blog or, news feed, can help you win the content marketing gold rush that is on.

Local business marketing and SEO online have finally ventured past link building and into information marketing. Yes, I said it, link building is not the “main” factor for good ranking anymore.

For a very long time, static pages and firing links like arrows in a target were the practice of the day. Today however, things have changed, just look at the sites that are ranked well locally today and you will notice a few things.

1. Content

Today’s local business owners know that they need to educate and inform their customers better. Content answers those questions that many people ask like:

  • where are you located?
  • do you have what I am looking for right now?
  • what can you do for me or my situation?
  • how much is it?
  • are you sure this is best for me?
  • are there any guarantees?
  • how many others like this or that?
  • what are other people saying about this business?

Content can answer these question in a hurry, especially if it is easy to find on your site.

2. No Hide And Seek

Navigation should be a must and, it should not take forever to load. I want my information now in the information age, so give it to me.

Local business owners and their products and services should have nothing to hide, not even prices. Everything should be easy to find within your site. This is where a blog or articles on a regular basis can be extremely effective.

3. Find-ability Increases

More content through a blog means find-ability increases. The more sub-subjects and main subjects you can cover over time will increase the searches you are found on.

Recently we created a piece on “Anodyne Therapy” in Chicago, this led to a ton of traffic and, converting customers within just a few days of being up. Who would have thought? We did.

4. Makes Them The Authority

Have you ever wanted to be an authority on a subject?, well you are already, your business. Now all you have to do is build that authority through a solid platform like a blog.

Today’s local websites are starting to become the authority on their business through blogging, this will be hard to beat eventually. this is why the gold rush for the internet has truly begun, because search is becoming more focused, and so should you.

5. Fun And Part Of Their Community

They are! They are fun, interesting and show off their community through their content. Many people today that i teach personally have community sections where they share other businesses, local happenings and what-not with everyone.

Chances Are…You Won’t!

Facts are in; 82% of the people polled trusted search for information over social media and PPC Ads. Of that percentage, 72% were converted into subscribers or customers through a video or, BLOG ARTICLE!

I am informed today. I can inform myself before I purchase or visit anything online or off today. This is why a fresh and up to date blog is so important…it informs, educates.

Unlike even two decades ago or, even 10 years ago, billboards, flyers, phone book and magazine ads just don’t cut it today. Today it is content spread around nicely through social profiles and on your website that gets found easier and, converts better.

With the older forms of marketing, I cannot “see” you or your business, I can only guess and hope when I call, if I call. With a blog I can and should be able see everything about your business and your passion for it.

Creating a local blog is not only simple, but it is truly effective. Without the hype or craziness I will tell you this, I have created these types of sites that contain blogs and articles feeds, and they work.

Get going creating a local blog to partner your main presence online, you will not be let down.

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