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Discover Your Skintuition with Sahajan

When founder Lisa Mattam found herself feeling concerned after catching her daughter elbow-deep in her skincare bag, slathered with her creams and serums, she had the moment of brilliance that brought us Sahajan. Calling on her Indian roots that ran deep in Ayurveda – a sacred 5,000 year old science that turns to herbs and botanicals renowned for their health and healing powers – she collaborated with esteemed Ayurvedic chemists and pharmacists to apply clean chemistry to ancient wisdom. Sahajan was born. 

In a modern world that constantly pulls us away from our connection to ourselves, it’s easy to stop allowing our intuition to lead the way – especially when it comes to bringing our skin into balance. Sahajan calls on the the wisdom of Ayurveda to deliver what our skin needs, answering in luxurious, intuitive formulas that are equal parts ancient wisdom and modern science to nourish, balance and replenish. Experience them in the full Skintuition ritual, or mix’n match with other Beauty Store must haves.


Sahajan Essential Cleansing Oil

Melt Away The Day with Essential Cleansing Oil, a rich, milky oil that brings together moringa and squalane to draw out impurities effortlessly. Apply 2 pumps to fingertips and massage onto dry skin, melting away makeup, dirt and SPF. Rinse with warm water and repeat if desired as you enjoy the comforting aroma of rose and ylang ylang.

Sahajan Balance Toner

Reveal Skin’s Glow with a gentle exfoliation from Balance Toner, a carefully-crafted Ayurvedic blend of rosewater, bilberry and lemon that quickly penetrates skin to remove flaking and buildup and reveal the radiant skin waiting underneath. Saturate a cotton round and swipe over skin on the face and neck.

Sahajan Radiance Face Serum

Celebrate Skin’s Luminosity with Radiance Face Serum, an intricate formula inspired by the ‘Rasayana’ plants once used to create age-defying elixirs for India’s royal family. Apply generously onto freshly toned skin and press in with fingertips to encourage the production of collagen, boost elasticity, fade dark spots and visibly elevate your skin’s natural luminosity.

Sahajan Nourish Creme Riche

Give Skin Fresh Life with a generous layer of deeply soothing Nourish Crème Riche. Lavish this blend of moisturizing oils, hydrating aloe vera and glycerin and brightening botanicals amla, chebula and gotu kola that together seal in hydration and leave skin with a healthy, Ayurveda infused glow.

Sahajan Ritual Body Oil

Tell Skin Thank You by anointing yourself head-to-toe with Ritual Body Oil, a blend of warming avocado, sweet almond, coconut, jojoba and sesame oils infused with decadent sandalwood, patchouli and lavender that smooth, soothe and guide skin into a state of complete calm.

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